How To Select A Digital Marketing Agency

Most businesses have an online marketing strategy in this day and age – and those that don’t are probably seriously considering it. Internet marketing is a very effective way to boost your brand image, reach your target audience and improve your bottom line. Most businesses find that this type of marketing delivers an excellent ROI. If you’re one of those businesses that are considering taking the plunge, you need to know how to find the right agency. Not all internet marketing services are born equal; some firms are much better at delivering results than others.

How do you find the right agency?

Here are a few tips to take on board when it comes to finding a good agency:

Check reviews and testimonials; don’t be afraid to give past/present clients a call. While it may seem pretty obvious that you should check out reviews, it can also be a good idea to give those businesses a call. There are plenty of dodgy reviews online in this day and age, so it doesn’t hurt to verify the one you’re reading!

Bigger is not always better. Larger agencies may have some top-class experts working for them – and they may have an impressive list of clients – but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily provide you with the best service. While larger businesses should be well looked after, small businesses can get ‘lost’ when they partner with a large digital agency.

Don’t give them the flick because their site isn’t ranking. Not on page one for ‘SEO’? Don’t assume they’re not good at their job. A lot of online marketing agencies don’t have the time to work on their own sites because they are too busy working wonders for their clients. Additionally, a lot of companies that rank for ‘SEO Melbourne’ and similar (very competitive) keywords implement ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques – meaning they are essentially walking the line with Google. Some agencies simply prefer to keep their work ‘white-hat’; after all, that’s what they offer their clients.

If you can afford it, position yourself as a ‘high spend’ client. The fact of the matter is that high spend clients get a better service in just about every agency.

The cheapest option is rarely the best. Don’t opt for the lowest quote – it might seem cheap at the time, but if you don’t see any ROI then it’s a waste of money. Agencies like WME Group are relatively affordable

– yet they are not the cheapest by a long shot. However, these sorts of agencies have guarantees or ‘pay on performance’ plans available that mean results are all but assured. Know more at

Don’t take their word for it. It’s easy for an agency to say that they use white-hat SEO techniques, or that all work is done in-house. However, pay attention to what they do rather than what they say. Check out the backlink profiles for some of their current clients, and see how they measure up!

Go local. If you can find a reputable agency in your area, go for it. They’ll have a better understanding of your local demographic (important for local businesses) and you can drop in and meet the team (always a good way to ensure work is getting done). Whether you require a company that offers SEO in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia, you should be able to find a firm close by – there are plenty of them!

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