Content Syndication And SEO

When it comes to promoting websites content is absolutely essential. This has always been the case, although for a while niche websites with only a few articles were all the rage. After Google’s recent updates more and more pages are going toward an authority plan, stocking up on dozens or even hundreds of articles. It’s generally a good move, but also difficult given the sheer volume of articles it requires. One way to fill up a site with content is by turning to content syndication.

Internet content syndication works in a way that is similar to print content syndication. One piece of content can be published on multiple websites across the web which is helpful for SEO. There are lots of sites out there looking for ways to keep the content coming in and syndication can seem like the perfect solution. With that said the reality is more complicated than the concept.

Content syndication has seen a decrease in popularity lately. Google’s algorithm updates have been a major factor in this decline. The search engine has become more and more vigilant about punishing duplicate content. You can see why this would be problematic with regards to syndicated content. Google only wants one authoritative copy of any article, and it will punish the rest. That means that if you are accepting this sort of content you have to accept that no articles that have been syndicated will get you on Google. They must be used to supplement your original material, not replace it. That’s assuming you want to publish syndicated content on your site. If you are the one submitting articles to a syndicate you’d want to make sure that the syndicate uses a rel=canonical to establish that your site is the one where the article originated from.

There are upsides and downsides to every strategy and it’s no different when it comes to content syndication. Because so many people saw this strategy as a way around creating useful websites Google is generally skeptical of these sites. Whether you are looking to share your own articles or fill up your site you have to be cautious about quality. You don’t want to get your name associated with the poor efforts of others. Try and keep track of everything published on your site and everywhere your material is published. You don’t want to end up looking guilty by association.

There’s also the fact that you are competing with most of the sites that you will be sharing content with. You could write an article, syndicate it and end up beaten out by another site publishing your material. This can happen even when you try to take the necessary precautions. You might also publish material on your site that leads users away. If the syndicated content on your site is clearly better than your original material then you will have a hard time keeping people around. Syndicated content isn’t for everyone but it can be a powerful tool when used correctly, read WME review all because of proper content. Publishing syndicated articles can help make your site more useful to visitors. Having your material syndicated can point traffic in your direction. All these benefits come with downsides, it’s your job to weigh your options and come to a decision. The important thing is remembering that there’s no trick that can make up for the hard work of creating great content.

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